he elephant needs help getting outta town. SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B. need to act fast.


Burt the elephant wanted SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B. to help him break out of the zoo. They made up a plan to distract the zookeeper. They disguise Burt as an ice cream truck. But Sheen, Chester and Patrick thought he was a real ice cream truck.

Burt gets mad and breaks open the gates. Then, SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B. find papers on the wall behind a stack of hay. Many years ago, a kid liked to scare the animals with his kazoo. Burt was bothered the most.

SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B. find Burt in a building. They think Burt is trying to crush adult kid kazoo. Actually he wanted to give him his old kazoo back.

Then, SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B. disguise Burt as an art museum, which is actually a piece of art that was on the wall of 'kid kazoo's' apt with squiggles painted on it, so they can return Burt to the zoo.


  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Jimmy Neutron
  • Timmy Turner
  • B.O.B. (Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate)
  • Burt the Elephant
  • Sheen Estevez
  • Chester McBadbat (no lines)
  • Patrick Star
  • Kid Kazoo (child and adult verison)


SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B.'s Car


  • Nick-Ville
  • Burt's Habitat at the Zoo
  • Zoo
  • Streets of Cartoon World
  • Building

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