Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane: An unprecedented repository for Gotham's most infamous nut jobs. Its stone walls resound with the wails and cackles of killers, freaks, villains and a few geniuses -- most of them put there by one man. But Batman's war on Gotham's worst can't be won by simply locking the loonies away, out of sight and out of their minds. In the process of hiding Gotham's seamy underbelly, Arkham Asylum has become one of the most dangerous places on earth. This has piqued the interest of Batman's greatest nemesis, The Joker.

The Joker has turned the asylum's vengeful occupants into his own personal army, and has transformed Arkham into the perfect weapon against Batman. Facing hundreds of his mortal enemies, Batman still chooses to go it alone


Joker is thoroughly trained in certain forms of martial arts, and his fluid combat proves this. Your first few dozen battles can be easily won by just tapping STRIKE. If you watch JOKER'S animations closely, you'll learn to recognize when to time your taps so joker won't flub a punch. By doing this, you can increase your combo.

When enemies are about to strike you, your "bat sense" will tingle, and wavy lines will appear over the enemy. This is your chance to hit COUNTER for a counter attack. This will keep your combo going -- and help you avoid taking damage.

You can use the COUNTER button to take down enemies silently if you sneak up to them from behind. You can sneak by holding the CROUCH button. If an enemy doesn't spot you, you can take him out quietly so as not to alert nearby cronies. If someone spots his body, however, they will be tipped off to your presence, so keep an eye on the body to take additional enemies by surprise (or booby trap it with Explosive Gel).



Any self-respecting Batman fan should be aware of the be-all end-all classics such as Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, and The Killing Joke. That being the case, we figured it'd be best to point you in the direction of the quintessential tales that feature the Dark Knight and Arkham Asylum. If you want to get a taste of what it's like when Batman is thrown right smack in the middle of Gotham's nuthouse, look no farther than these classic tales:

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth Written by Grant Morrison, Art by Dave McKean The Arkham inmates, led by the Joker, have taken over the Asylum, and unless Batman turns himself over to their deranged "treatment," they'll kill the facility's staff. Sounds familiar, right? The mark of Grant Morrison's seminal 1989 graphic novel is all over Batman: Arkham Asylum's core story, which is definitely a good thing. This is one of the most cerebral, thought-provoking and haunting Batman stories of all time, and it forever changed the way comic fans looked at the Dark Knight's Rogue's Gallery


A criminally underrated story by one of the most criminally underrated creative teams to ever work on Batman, The Last Arkham shares a lot in common with A Serious House on Serious Earth without being derivative. On the trail of incarcerated serial killer Mr. Zsasz, Batman goes deep undercover in the newly renovated Arkham to solidify his case. However, as Batman quickly discovers, time in Arkham is no cake walk, and the asylum's disturbed chief resident, Jeremiah Arkham, quickly forces Batman to face his inner demons. The Last Arkham is not only one of the most disturbing psychological Batman thrillers of all time; it also introduced the world to one of the most chilling Batman villains in the form of Mr. Zsasz. Hunt it down in back-issue bins and you won't be disappointed.

Barbara Gordon spent her teenage years fighting by Batman's side as Batgirl, until the fateful day when the Joker put a bullet through her spine and crippled her for life (see: The Killing Joke). After some soul searching, Barbara reinvented herself as Oracle – a technological wunderkind and one of Batman's most effective allies in his war on crime.

Commissioner Gordon

Although Alfred serves his supper and Robin watches his back, Batman's greatest ally is without a doubt Commissioner Gordon. In many ways, the interplay between the Dark Knight and Gordon has driven many of the greatest Batman tales of the modern age. As such, most of the quintessential Batman stories also provide a fantastic exploration of Gotham's Top Cop. Seeing as how you've already read Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, and The Killing Joke, though, we'll point you in some other directions. You have already read Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, and The Killing Joke, right? Right?!

The Joker is one comic book villain that needs no introduction. He's the ying to Batman's yang, and arguably one of the most iconic, terrifying antagonist in modern popular fiction. Classics like The Killing Joke and Arkham Asylum masterfully lay out what makes him such a formidable foe.

   Harley QuinnIntroduced in the Emmy Award-winning Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn went on to make her comics debut in 1999 courtesy of co-creator Paul Dini. Unfortunately, the character's career in comics has never quite lived up to her time on the small screen – with one notable exception. For that reason, we'll point you in the direction of the one comic that truly does the character justice.


Each of Batman's villains challenge him in different ways, but Jonathan Crane, aka the Scarecrow, is the one rogue capable of frightening the Dark Knight to his very core. Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins definitely did the character justice, but there are still a few classic Scarecrow comics that every fan should read in order to get to know the villain.


Batman prides himself on being the world's greatest detective, yet there have been a few occasions where Edward Nigma, aka the Riddler, has almost proven to be his deductive equal. Though he began his career as a rather unassuming gimmick-driven criminal, Riddler has evolved into a rather fascinating character – one who works for and against the law depending on which is more profitable.


Plenty of villains have temporarily gotten the best of Batman, but only one can claim to have successfully broken him both physically and mentally – Bane. Bursting onto the comics scene in 1993 with the epic crossover Knightfall, the chemically enhanced Bane proved Batman's equal in every way, eventually crippling the Dark Knight and forcing him to abandon his mantel. To this day, he remains one of Batman's most formidable foes, even if a lot of writers don't portray him as such.


In a Rogue's Gallery populated by costumed, gimmick-driven nutjobs, Zsasz has defined himself through brutal simplicity. Simply put, he's a serial killer. Granted, he carves a tally mark in his skin for every murder he commits, but that's more of a sick compulsion than a gimmick. Above all else, Zsasz represents what Batman fears most – pure, unadulterated evil.

 KILLER CROCMost of Batman's villains have had the chance to shine in the comics over the years, but sadly, there are a few characters that writers have inexplicably struggled to fully realize. Killer Croc is one of those villains, as far too many comics writers have been content with painting him as a mindless goon with little to no personality. Other than Brian Azzarello's admirable yet ultimately failed attempt to reinvent him as a street hustler and pimp in his and Eduardo Risso's Broken City, Killer Croc has never risen as a special character. Thankfully, as it did with so many others, Batman: The Animated Series was able to bring the most out of ol' Croc. Seeing as how Paul Dini, one of the masterminds behind the show, also wrote the Batman: Arkham Asylum game, we figured we'd recommend one of Killer Croc's finer episodes. Poison IvyPamela Isley is another Batman rogue that has never quite blossomed – for lack of a better term – in the pages of the comics, but has enjoyed considerable heights on the small screen. More so than any other comic book story – Hush, No Man's Land and Suicide Squad all came close – Batman: The Animated Series elevated Poison Ivy to true A-list status. Here's another classic episode that summarizes what makes her a great character. And surprise, surprise – it's written by Paul Dini                 challenges*Intensive Treatment - ???
  • Silent Knight - ???
  • Sewer Bat - ???
  • Record Breaker - ???
  • Shock and Awe - Find the Riddler Trophy for Botanical Gardens Riddle # 24
  • Survival Tactics - Find the Riddler Trophy for Caves Riddle # 20
  • Rumble in the Jungle - Find the Riddler Trophy for Caves Riddle # 9
  • Invisible Predator - Find the Riddler Trophy for Arkham Island, West Riddle #9
  • Intensive Treatment Extreme - Find the Riddler Trophy for The Penitentiary Riddle# 8
  • Silent knight (Extreme) - Find the Riddler Trophy for Botanical Gardens Riddle # 29
  • Sewer Bat Extreme - Find the Riddler Trophy for Intensive Treament Riddle # 30
  • Record Breaker (Extreme) - Find the Riddler Trophy for Caves Riddle# 19
  • Shock and Awe (Extreme) - Find the Riddler Trophy for Medical Riddle # 28
  • Survival Tactics (Extreme) - Find the Riddler Trophy for Mansion Riddle # 29
  • Rumble in the Jungle (Extreme) - Find the Riddler Trophy for Caves Riddle #23
  • Invisible Predator (Extreme) - ???

There are two types of Challenge in Challenge Mode: Combat and Predator. The former requires you to fight waves of enemies to score points. The latter has you take out enemies in a room using stealth and strategy -- and there are specific requirements for each room. The following video should help explain Challenge Mode's intricacies.

The long, cinematic intro sequence involves Batman escorting Joker to a lower level of Arkham. All you'll need to do is follow the pack, entering elevators and taking in the sights and sounds of the will be playing joker in this edition.

At the bottom, the internment of the Joker will run into a bit of a ... hiccup. It's time to hone your fighting skills. Attack the tyger guards with your STRIKE and try out some counters with COUNTER (check your pause menu for your control setup). For the latter, when you see the enemy emit lightning bolts from his head, tap COUNTER to do a special attack.

Head up the stairs toward where there is a door -- you can hold RUN to move faster. In a room to your left are a handful of novelty wind-up teeth you can test your gun on. Use the shoulder buttons / triggers to lock onto the them and fire a few bullet. Each one you kill counts towards solving one of the Riddler's riddle challenges -- so when you see teeth, take 'em out!

Further down the hall you'll encounter a couple of tygers. They shouldn't present a significant threat. Just hit them and use counters. After they are clear, head down the hall towards edward the guard.

In the next section, talk to the thug and you'll hear about a tense situation: Mr. Zsasz is threatening to submit harley quinn to involuntary shock treatment. Head up the stairs just past this gruesome scene and go all the way to the end of the hall. Once here, talk to the thugs and you'll initiate a plan to sneak up on Zsasz from behind.

Enter Detective Mode and look up at the high walls above the scene below. The gargoyles protruding from the sides of the walls are perfect spots to leap. Aim at the nearest spot and hit RB. You'll automatically reel up to the spot. From there, jump to the next two spots until you are behind Zsasz

You'll now be prompted to Zip Kick the maniac below you. Be ready to use a ground attack in combination with this which will consist of a shoulder button + COUNTER. This will put Zsasz down for good.

After the cutscene is over, turn on Detective Mode and move into the far right corner of the room. You'll see a vent along the bottom of the wall highlighted in orange. Approach it, remove it and crawl inside to find a Riddler Trophy (Intensive Treatment #9).You'll also find a destructible wall along this same side that you'll have to return to later... Another grate on the opposite side of the room can also be removed. Enter this and crawl down the air duct to find another Riddler Trophy (Intensive Treatment #15).Drop down and run forward until you come upon another horrific scene. Talk to the guard and grapple up to the point above. Go through another ventilation shaft and drop down.Pick up the guard on the edge of the platform. Now you'll have to run at this edge, which allows you to jump onto the platform across the way -- you jump automatically each time you run at an edge like this.

Grapple up even higher to the next catwalk and save another guard. From here, walk off the edge holding RUN to glide to the platform at the far end of the room. Grab the baddie here. Now scan the room below. You'll be able to target and toss a Batarang at a control panel below to clear the room of harmful gas.Before leaving the room, look for a vent in the floor in the middle of the room. Remove this and enter it for a Riddler Trophy (Intensive Treatment #19). There is another trophy here behind the locked security gate you'll have to come back for...Follow the green arrows on the ground into the next room. Here you'll find two thugs patrolling the hallway. Pull yourself up to the vents above and use them to practice your air attacks -- drop on an enemy holding ATTACK, then perform a ground takedown -- or just punch the dudes a few times and use counters.Follow the arrows into the next room and a cutscene will occur. The giant mutant unleashed on Batman turns out to be something of a lightweight. Just dodge his attacks by double-tapping run and holding in a direction. Throw a Batarang his way when you have a chance and the mutant will enter the throes of deathYou'll now gain access to skill upgrades. We highly recommend grabbing awesome the Inverted Takedown first. Before leaving this room, check out the booth across the room for a Riddler Trophy (Intensive Treatment #20).Head out of the control room and hang a left through the downed security gate. At the next intersection are a couple of goons. Punch them out and head right. Your map shows where you should go with a "!"You'll find a room with some key evidence on the ground in the corner -- a flask of Boles' bourbon. In Detective Mode, you can scan this. This reveals an evidence trail.Follow this trail back out the door you came and straight down another hallway. In a reception room, pause and you can listen to an eerie phone call from the joker. In the next room a cutscene will occur.Climb the nearby stairs and follow them up to a control room. Here you can find a Patient Interview for Harley Quinn (Intensive Treatment #27). Now head back down to the shaft and grapple up to two higher platforms.Run across the platform and jump to the handhold across the way, then shimmy over to the vent. Exit the vent and grapple up higher. Run and jump across another gap and you'll almost be at the top.

Grapple to another platform and you may notice a vent to your left where you must crouch under the overhang. Some destructible walls are beyond this that you cannot deal with yet.Jump up and grab the wall and shimmy over to another platform. Look for a box you can climb on to reach another grapple point. Here you may be noticing that you are getting ever closer to a group of five hostiles. Walk through this level and keep your Detective Mode on. You'll come across a beetle on a stone panel. Scan this for a Spirit of Arkham Deciphered Message (Intensive Treatment #3).Grapple up and hang below the thugs. You can hop up and take them on fairly easily, just keep swinging and remember to use ground takedowns when you can. After this, scan the area and you'll see a vent grate on the wall leading out. You may notice a set of chattering teeth here and elsewhere -- always destroy them with a Batarang for easy XPAt the end of the vent is a squad of goons with guns. Instead of taking them on directly -- otherwise know as suicide -- you can grapple the gargoyle just above and follow them over and across the room. Drop down silently as commanded and crouch.Sneak up on the thugs for three easy silent takedowns, starting with the closest one. As long as you stay behind them, they won't notice you.

Just up some stairs is a control room. Crouch and sneak up behind the baddy up here as well. While you are crouching, you may notice a grate on the wall. Move this and enter the next room. While crouching, eliminate the next guard stealthily. From here, grapple to the ceiling and around to the other side above the unwitting criminal. Try out your awesome Inverted Takedown on him (if you purchased it) to make things especially easy! A final man patrols one side of the upper level.You should use your Inverted Takedown on the remaining guard, or use the Zip Kick + Ground Takedown combo to glide over to him and incapacitate him in a less stealthy manner. The Joker will call in three more enemies to deal with. Stick to the gargoyles and you'll be OK. Follow the trail to the doorway and you'll encounter a cutscene and a message from an old nemesis -- The Riddler.Scan the nearby portrait of Sharp in Detective Mode mode to solve your easy first Riddle (Intensive Treatment #7). You will now have access to the Riddler's riddle menu.Before leaving this area, look for a Riddle question mark in the southwest corner of the lobby office in the center of the area. There is a window with the upper body of a question mark on it that you can only see in Detective Mode mode. Line this up with the visible dot on the far wall it to solve the riddle. The dot is under a large circular vent (Intensive Treatment #26). In this same office area is a Harley Quinn interview tape. It's on the opposite side of the office from the riddle question mark on a desk (Intensive Treatment #18).After the cutscene, follow the series of rooms until you get to a doorway -- you can open this door and then find a vent further down the way.

Now outside, grapple up to the guard tower on the left and grab the Joker Interview Tape (Arkham Island, East Riddle #12). You'll soon be informed the Batmobile is in jeopardy. Grapple up to the top of the tower in the northwest for another Riddler Trophy (Arkham Island, East Riddle # 9). Yet another Riddler Trophy (Arkham Island, East Riddle # 10) is on the southern shore of this area (behind the statue).Just above this area is another trophy on the roof (Arkham Island, East Riddle # 7). This is on the far eastern edge of the map. In the center of the large Arkham Mansion area in the east is a tall clock tower. Scale this by using grapple points on the front and rear. On the south facing ledge, just under the giant clock face, is a Riddler Trophy (Arkham Island, East Riddle # 1).

Now float down to the small shack in the northern part of the Arkham East outside area for another Riddler Trophy (Arkham Island, East Riddle # 2). It's just inside the shack. After your done collecting / solving area Riddles find the north exit of the area towards the waypoint on your map. You'll come across an ambulance with two thugs just beyond it. Stay out of their line of sight and grapple up onto the wall. Bypass the gate, drop down and use stealth takedowns on the both of the enemies -- nearest first.There are five thugs around your car -- thankfully without firearms. A nearby building will allow you to use Zip Kicks on them, but a good ol' fashioned brawl with counters will do the trick as well. After this, approach the jokermobile for a new toy explosive party gel

With the Explosive Gel you can break certain walls giving you access to new areas and secrets. By activating Detective Mode you can identify these walls -- they'll be marked in orange and will be transparent. Test out your new toy on the building by the Batmobile. Grapple onto the roof and toggle Detective Mode to find the destructible panel. Place charges then back off and trigger them. Inside this building is the Arkham Island, North secrets map (Arkham Island, North Riddle # 13).There are two guard towers here. Grapple up to the closest one to grab a Joker Interview Tape (Arkham Island, North Riddle # 20). On the roof of this tower is a Riddler Trophy (Arkham Island, North Riddle # 12)In the ground floor of the destroyed building in the northwest is a Riddler Trophy (Arkham Island, North Riddle # 4 ).

To bypass the door, squirt some gel onto the adjacent wall -- in Detective Mode you'll see it's vulnerable to explosives. Blast it and enter the hole. Follow the pipe trail through the next area into the open space of Arkham West.Flip around as soon as you enter the area and look up. Just over the entrance is a Riddler Trophy (Arkham Island, West Riddle # 16 ). Around the entrance to the Penitentiary wing you'll find a few grunts in nailing some boards. Stealth takedown one, then beat the other into submission. Grapple above this entrance and you'll see a secure door on an upper platform you can't enter. Switch on Detective Mode. Below this platform -- right at the western entrance to the Penitentiary -- is a Riddle solution -- half of a question mark. Line up one of the guard rail posts with a dot on it to complete the "?" and solve the riddle (Arkham Island, West Riddle # 19).

Just below the portal to North Arkham is a waterfall and a stream in a deep gully. Near the base of the waterfall is a Riddler Trophy (Arkham Island, West Riddle # 2). Also, below the central guard tower there's a bush obscuring another Riddler Trophy (Arkham Island, West Riddle # 11).Near the doorway to the Medical area are five of tyger guard. After the cutscene inside, head back outside. Grapple onto the roof. Search the southwestern edge of the roof of the Medical Facility for a Riddler Trophy (Arkham Island, West Riddle # 4).Search the other side of the rooftop of the facility for a destructible wall. Mine it with Explosive Gel, drop down and enter the door to access the Medical Facility's Maintenance Access.In the Maintenance Access area, drop down and enter the ventilation shaft via the grate on the right. Follow this back until it splits. Take the right path back to the caged area with a Riddler Trophy (Medical Facility Riddle # 21).You'll now come upon the spacious, multi-tiered Sanatorium. There are several thugs on patrol in this area. Luckily, the gargoyles in the room make stealth takedowns easy.

After talking to the doctors, you'll get three new objectives. Before heading to these objectives you should search the area for various Riddler-related items. There is a Joker Interview Tape is in the northwest corner of the Sanatorium on a desk in an office (Medical Facility Riddle #6).Now, exit the Sanatorium via the door on the north side of the bottom floor. Take the hallway to the right towards the X-Ray Room. Before you get there, a squad of goons will appear. Beat them up using close-range attacks and ground takedowns and they won't have time to respond. Enter the X-Ray Room. Spray some Explosive Gel on the closest destructible wall -- but don't detonate it yet. Instead, grapple up onto the roof. Here you'll find a Riddler Trophy (Medical Facility Riddle #27). Now, drop down onto the other side and put some gel on the explosive wall here so that the grunts will get hit from both angles. Blow the wall and talk to the doctor. Exit back into the Upper Corridor. You may encounter a box of chattering teeth from the Joker out here. Destroy them for the Riddler's challenge and move on.

There are two more thugs you can deal with in a similar manner in the Observation room. Grapple up to the ventilation ducts above once they are taken care of and enter the duct behind the grate.

On the other side you'll find a room brimming with poisonous gas. Move to the right and activate Detective Mode. A line leading from the fan across the way will reveal the control panel for it, marked in orange, Hit this panel with a joker teeth, then hit the teeth chattering on the platform below it.You can now hit the panel in the room below to fully clear the room. Now on the ground, head into the nearby office for a Riddler Patient Interview on the desk (Medical Facility Riddle #7).Head out of the Observation area via the vent you entered it by. In the hallway is another present from Joker -- this time with a thug in it. Use a stun attack on him before attacking or risk getting seriously damaged by his knife. Hit the teeth with Batarangs and follow the colored lines on the ground back to the Sanatorium.Once the cutscene is over, grapple to the ceiling and use your gargoyle / stealth antics to deal with the three incoming enemies. Zip kicks and ground takedowns will do nicely. If you hit an enemy while he climbs a ladder with a Batarang he'll hit the ground and be instantly incapacitated. Enter the elevator to take it down to the Morgue. Great.After the cutscene, look for a wall near the security door that can be mined with your Explosive Gel. Enter it and follow the passage back. You'll see a brief cutscene with a thug.Enter the grate on your left. Crawl through to the other side to find Commissioner Gordon slumped against the wall, apparently dead. Head left down the hall and enter the Morgue.Inside the Morgue are three body bags. Open the first two on the right and left -- if you hadn't been aware that something fishy was afoot until now, you may be surprised to find who is inside the third. With The Scarecrow's appearance, the world suddenly is torn asunder. Hop across the platforms until you reach another cutscene. Scarecrow will now be a giant in the midst of a vortex, scanning the environs in a clockwise sweep. Dash between his scans to cover spots. You can duck for low cover to avoid his gaze. You'll eventually come to a wall you need to climb. Pause there after shimmying over and wait for his gaze to pass. You can make a mad dash for the next cover spot.When you come to a wall you cannot pass, whip out your Explosive Gel. Lay it on the wall and wait for Scarecrow to face the opposite direction. Detonate it and his interest will be drawn to the blast site.When he peers around your left side, run and jump to the next area. Scale it and quickly find cover. Just ahead is a large spotlight.

Approach the spotlight and activate it when Scarecrow is facing away to end the scene.

The Morgue

When you are returned to the Morgue, scan the jar nearby the body bag to solve a Riddle. You'll need to position your camera view so the contents of the jar are large in the frame. Just rotate around it in Detective Mode until the Riddle is solved (Medical Facility Riddle #19).Exit the morgue and head back to where "scarface" was. Lay some party Gel down near the next doors and move near them. The enemies that come through will be stunned by your charges -- just finish them off with ground takedowns.

The Experimental Chamber

Follow the arrows to the Experimental Chamber, hitting all the chattering teeth on the way. Right when you enter the Experimental Chamber, you'll find the Secrets Map on a table on your left. (Medical Facility Riddle #13).The situation looks grim for harley. Head into the ventilation shaft on your right and drop down. Go into the next tunnel and remove the grate on the other end.Crouch and sneak up to the goon and give him the "silent treatment" with a quiet takedown. Enter another grate across the way. In the next shaft is a Riddler Trophy. (Medical Facility Riddle #11).Pop out and silently take down the nearest baddy here. There should be two more of them circling the central area you'll need to stay out of sight, so use the trench and the large structure for cover. With Detective Mode engaged, approach one of the enemies and execute a silent takedown. You'll need to get to the other before he notices the body.Climb the stairs in the south and grapple up above the security door. Up here is a Riddler Trophy (Medical Facility Riddle #22). Walk onto the skylight above batman and you'll be prompted to take him down.

Bane (The Boiler Room)

After the cutscene, a new threat will have emerged. Bane is like a freight train -- lots of power, but not so nimble. He'll charge you for his main attack, and throw large chunks of wall for a secondary attack. Both can be dodged by double tapping RUN and pressing a direction away from the offending object.But you don't want to just dodge him. Keep a set of teeth at the ready and trained on Bane's forehead. When he begins to rush at you, hit him with it and immediately dodge him. You'll need to keep your distance so as to have enough time to dodge him.Bane will hit a wall and be temporarily stunned. If he grabs his head, he is vulnerable -- if he shakes it off, be ready to nail him again. It should take two sets of teeth / wall hits to stun him.At this point, run up to him and attack him with STRIKE. joker will crawl on his back and detach a gas tube. Immediately back away to avoid his ground pound. After the first tube is detached, Bane will receive five goons as backup. Concentrate on them with normal attacks and counters, but always watch Bane, ready to dodge his attacks. He'll do some damage to the henchmen as well.

Once cleared, you'll need to teeth him again and detach another tube. Another wave of tyger guards will come -- but you'll be used to the routine by now. Detach a third tube to break Bane.

Now outside, head back towards Arkham North. In the passage on the way, look out for some chattering teeth. There are now henchmen outside in these areas to beat up for XP, too. An upgrade should be imminent .Follow the pasasge back into the joker caverns. In the caverns you'll get the party claw attachment for your weaponary. Test it out on the boxes below the file terminal. You can grapple boxes across the gap and pull them down to make a path over it.The partyclaw's greatest strength is in pulling down those pesky out of reach ventilation covers. In the next area you'll have a chance to target and yank down one of these. Grapple up and you'll realize you are not alone.Drop into the old sewer and snuff out the arkham guard nearby. Look to the right for a Chronicle of Arkham marker (Caves #16). Just ahead is a group of arkham guards. To make short work of them, mine the area with Explosive Gel and get their attention. Finish them off with combos. Any enemies with weapons can now be disarmed with the PARTYCLAW. Move down the sewer tunnel until you come to a body with a Croc Interview Tape next to it (Caves Riddle #7). Just above this is a Riddler Trophy behind a grate you can TAKE OFF (Caves Riddle #18).

Main Sewer Junction

The masonry in the Main Sewer Junction is decrepit and your Grapnel Gun won't find a hold on the bricks above. You'll have to climb. Head right to find a hold at the base of the tower. Drop down onto the platforms on the other side. On one of the lower platforms near the center of the room is a Riddler Trophy (Caves Riddle #29).Now in the Surface Access area, a Croc Interview Tape is on some boxes in a corner just as you enter (Caves Riddle #2). Follow the passage to the dead end. Slap some Explosive Gel on the wall here and blow it to make a path to the surface.

This may prove difficult with the snipers now stationed on the guard towers in the area. You can grapple to the first and stealthily kill the nearest one. Make your way to the second one on the ground when the sniper isn't looking, grapple up and do the same.

Head towards the entrance to Arkham East. Just outside the doorway is a clump of teeth to kill. In the passageway to East Arkham, beware of an ambush. Some of the thugs in here are armed so be sure to use your stun attacks on them before attacking.On the other side of the passage are two more guard towers with sniper which you should know how to deal with by now. The snipers above the entrance to the Mansion are another story. Make your way over the cemetery to the rooftop behind them.

Drop down to their ledge and use ledge takedowns on them -- it's fun! Just shimmy under their legs and press the corresponding button when prompted. The way into the Mansion is blocked just inside by a security door.An alternate route is just above the sniper ledge. Pull down the grate and enter the building via the ventilation shaft ttArkham Mansion

One of the goons below has a gun, so target him with your Zip Kick. Hit him with a ground takedown and knock out the other two with punches and counters.The door out of this room is locked so you'll have to grapple above it. A vent on the ceiling here can be accessedull yourself up and detonate the wall here.

You'll now be in the Main Hall. Below are a dozen or so guards tearing through papers, looking for Young's work. Take them on directly for a big combo -- use your stun attack on the enemies with clubs to disarm them. While attacking. The Arkham Records Room presents your greatest challenge yet. The five tyger guards in this room constantly patrol, and to make things worse, they have collars that alert their buddies when you take one down. Use this against them by laying booby traps when you can.Use a Hanging Takedown on a lone goon and spray some Explosive Gel around his body. Escape back to the gargoyles before you are found out. Otherwise, make sure you keep your distance from pairs of goons and try and go for solo ones with your Hanging takedowns and Zip Kicks. If they stay on the bottom level, try and use the underground passageways that run the course of the room to get behind them. Any man you take down you should mine. Use a Hanging Takedown on a lone goon and spray some Explosive Gel around his body. Escape back to the gargoyles before you are found out. Otherwise, make sure you keep your distance from pairs of goons and try and go for solo ones with your Hanging takedowns and Zip Kicks. If they stay on the bottom level, try and use the underground passageways that run the course of the room to get behind them. Any man you take down you should mine. The proximity mine party Gel upgrade helps quite a bit here! With the final guard is out cold, free the hostages in the middle of the room. There are stairs in the middle of the southern portion of the room. Above these stairs is a grate you can remove. Follow the vent behind it back to the gated off office area to retrieve a Scarecrow Interview Tape (Arkham Mansion Riddle #20). Now, look for another crawlspace to bypass that pesky locked door. It's in the southwest corner of this upper area. This leads directly to Dr. Young's office area -- but you aren't at the safe quite yet.Zip Kick the arkham guard with the gun below, then melee attack all three enemies until they are no longer a threat.

Move up into the laboratory area and check out the northern wall in Detective Mode for a removable grate. Grapple up, crawl through the cobwebby corridor and drop down into Dr. Young's office.You'll now need to search the area for clues. You should be familiar with this process by now. The key clue is on the edge of the wall safe. Scan this to reveal a trail of greasy handprints -- this mysterious stranger is sure touchy!Grapple up and out of the office and you'll be confronted by a group of thugs. Some of these are armed so be sure to stun them before attacking. They've conveniently cleared a path for you out of the area, but before leaving look at the desk behind the doorway they entered through for a Scarecrow Interview Tape (Arkham Mansion Riddle #30).You should encounter a present you planted.use your boomerang to destroy teeth or to eliminate. You can catch the two tyger guards here by surprise and make short work of them. Enter the door to the east of the guards and proceed into the South Corridor.

In the South Corridor, look for a display case with a top hat and some umbrellas to along the east wall as you enter. Perform an Environmental Scan on these objects to solve a riddle! (Arkham Mansion Riddle #2).Grapple up to the left as soon as you have the opportunity to. Just past the ventilations shafts is a hidden alcove with a destructible wall. Behind the wall is a Chronicle of Arkham marker (Arkham Mansion Riddle #3).There are several enemies around the bend just ahead, but since they can't see you you'll have time to prepare for them. Mine the ground with Explosive Gel, then take a corner cover spot so you can send a Batarang at the first goon to disarm him. Grapple up high or back away and let the fireworks fly as the thugs walk into your trap. Finish them off with close range attacks.Look up high in the southwest area of the room for a grate you can partyclaw down off the wall. climb up for an easy trophy. Don't forget to take out all the teeth in this area before moving on (Arkham Mansion Riddle #27). Now enter the Library. A grate on the wall can be yanked down with your Batclaw to reveal yet another ventilation shaft with a Riddler Trophy (Arkham Mansion Riddle #24). Head down the stairs from this level to hit some pesky teeth chattering about in the stairwell. Search the bookshelf near the hostages in Detective Mode and you'll find a book you can interact with. The book is covered in the hand prints you've been following since Dr. Young's office. This will lead to a cutscene.As you leave the Library, you may notice things get a bit ... weird. Walk to the end of the hallway and, after you transform, keep walking to the far door.The Scarecrow has returned with one of his odd 2.5-D levels. This time you won't have nearly as much time between his passes. You'll need to really move fast when he passes his gaze past you. When you come to a long, open stretch with no cover, shoot your Batclaw at the crates above the area.Yank these down to make cover spots. Run around the corner and the insidious Dr. Crane will summon a few skeletons to fight. You shouldn't have a problem cutting through them with basic combosWhen the good doctor looks away, make a mad dash for the spotlight and you'll end the scene.Crouch and approach the corner to take cover. You can now toss a set teeth at Zsasz's exposed face.

The Road to the Penitentiary

After leaving the Warden's Office, you'll be in the East Wing hallway with a whole crew of nasty thugs. Two have knives and one has a cattle prod / electric wand, so beware. You should avoid the enemy with the wand while racking up combos on the other enemies. Deal with him with some quick grapple attacks (tap CROUCH) which will stun him, then hit him with a ground takedown to finalize it. A present from batman will appear in this area now with a few teeth to kill. Hot on the trail of the Warden's blood, you should continue into the Main Hall.Back in the Main Hall, you should immediately grapple up to the balcony above the fallen bell / statue. This high ledge has a Chronicle of Arkham marker on it (Arkham Mansion Riddle #4). Now that the room is full of armed goons, you'll want to remain in a lofty position.The nearest of the three enemies can be dealt with via a stealth takedown by swooping in behind him. Immediately grapple up to a gargoyle to lose the attention of the remaining enemies. Use the to stun the remaining goons on the ground from corner cover spots and use a ground takedown on each.Exit the Mansion via the front door, which no longer has a security field blocking it. You should now be picking up the trail of the Warden's DNA in party Mode.

Enter the main Arkham West area and you'll see that the trail leads to the Penitentiary wing of the Asylum. Great. Grapple up to the sniper tower ahead of you and hang on the edge until the sniper approaches your position. Nab him for a ledge takedown. Hit the teeth up here on the floor of the tower as well.Crouch and enter the trench below you and pop out on the other side to take out the nearest thug with a gun. Hit the other two with your melee attacks and continue following the trail of blood.In the Main Cell Block you'll encounter some serious loonies -- luckily they're locked up ... for now. Grapple up above the holding cells into the offices. In the northeast corner you'll find a Zsasz Interview Tape on the desk. (The Penitentiary Riddle #15).

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