Graveyard Eight is a song-tale about an evil, ghostly city bus that runs over the old citizens of Nick-Ville known as the "Graveyard Eight". Singed by Jimmy Neutron (Kowalski) and Timmy Turner (Rico)


Jimmy Neutron: Pull up a seat, and sat a spell while this spooky tale I relate 'bout the meanest mess of steel and wheels man never did create.

The bus called Graveyard Eight.

Timmy Turner: The bus called Graveyard Eight.

Jimmy: Runs midnight til dawn, no driver inside fueled by evil incarnate Never slowin' down as it prowls the town mowing old citizens of Nick-Ville down to their fate.

Better run from Graveyard Eight.

Timmy: Better run from Graveyard Eight. Lookout. Jimmy: So hear and fear, and keep the kids clear of this express to the pearly gates.

Kenny (YK-9): It got two of my brothers and six of my sisters they were all from upstate. (pause) True story

Jimmy & Timmy: The bus called Graveyard Eight

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