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SpongeBob and Nicktoons: The Great Escape is an American animated family film, Gypsy returns in this film. The film is a parody of Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 3.


SpongeBob SquarePants (Tom Kenny), Jimmy Neutron (Debi Derryberry), Timmy Turner (Tara Strong), B.O.B. (Seth Rogen), Toaster (Deanna Oliver), XJ-4 (Kath Soucie), WALL-E (Ben Brutt), EVE (Elissa Knight), WENDI (Rosie Taylor-Ritson), Jenny's little XJ-Sisters and Gypsy (Kath Soucie) (from Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life) are dumped to a daycare center called Rainbow Daycare, after they accidentally thrown out in a garbage by Ted's aunt. They will survive through a rough play by little kids, they've to escape from the daycare center.



  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Jimmy Neutron
  • Timmy Turner
  • B.O.B. (Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate)
  • Toaster
  • XJ-4
  • WALL-E
  • EVE
  • Jenny's little XJ-Sisters (like XJ-1, 2 and 3)
  • Gypsy (from Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life)
  • Lots-O-Huggin Bear aka Lotso
  • Monkey (The Eye of the Sky)
  • Chatter Telephone
  • Stretch
  • Chunk
  • Twitch
  • Bookcaterpillar
  • The Daycare Toys
  • Little kids
  • Ted (young and teenager)
  • Ted's aunt
  • Big Baby
  • Wiggles
  • Flik
  • Mater
  • Tuck
  • Roll
  • Atta
  • Rosie the Spider (voiced by Bonnie Hunt)
  • Ronnie (voiced by Rosie Taylor-Ritson)
  • Ronnie's mom


  • Ted's house
  • Rainbow Daycare
  • The Caterpillar Room
  • The Butterfly Room
  • Lotso's Hideout (Inside the Top of the Snack Machine)
  • Rainbow Daycare Playground
  • Ronnie's House
  • The Garbage Dump


  • The Garbage Truck
  • Ted's aunt and uncle's car
  • Ronnie's mom's car
  • Ted (teenager)'s car

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