During a blackout at the village, the Nicktoons revets to "village law" where Sheen is village king


Sheen, Chester and Patrick are having a race to the bouncy castle but when Sheen tries to dive into it, he realizes that it is deflated. Jimmy is looking at all of the houses through his binoculars and noticing that all of the electrical devices aren't working. SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B. hold a zoo meeting and try to explain that it is a space squid invasion but Jenny convinces them that it is just an electrical blackout. Sheen takes charge and puts himself as the leader of the entire village during the blackout. SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B. refuse to be a part of King Sheen's kingdom and just as they are retreating back to their HQ they realize that the village has turned into a madhouse with the Nicktoons fighting and running amok. King Sheen gets kidnapped, Patrick goes psycho looking for feet and the gorillas are rampaging around stealing everything. SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B. find Sheen hiding and scared of the chaos. SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B. use Jenny and Chester as part of their plan. Timmy and Jenny go after the gorillas while SpongeBob and B.O.B. try to take care of Patrick. Jimmy and Chester attempt to save Sheen from the elephant who thinks Sheen is a peanut. Eventually all is restored and as a "thanks", all of the other Nicktoons want to catapult Sheen out of the zoo but before they can, SpongeBob tells them that it was Sheen's plan all along to keep their minds off of the blackout. The power comes back on and all is well, but only after SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B. catapult a watermelon into Sheen's head.


  • Sheen Estevez
  • Chester McBadhat
  • Patrick Star
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Jimmy Neutron
  • Timmy Turner
  • B.O.B. (Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate)
  • Jenny (XJ-9) Wakeman
  • Fanboy
  • Chum Chum
  • The XJ-Sisters (no lines)
  • Rocko (no lines)
  • Joey the Kangaroo
  • The gorillas
  • Other Nicktoons


  • Sheen's backyard
  • SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and B.O.B.'s Headquarters
  • Nick-Ville